Exodus 14:14,15  We are told what God told Moses as an example of how we should listen for God’s voice in our lives:

“The Lord shall fight for you. and ye shall hold your peace.  And the Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me ?  speak unto the children of Israel , that they go forward”

So, we too must move forward living out our life in full confidence that the  Lord will fight your “battles for you” and give you wisdom of how to respond when you are put upon under difficult situations.   Go FORWARD with total confidence that God will lead you and direct you to do His will.

The question might be asked, but what if I have done all I think that God wants me to do, what then?   Well, that is a question that you have to leave totally in the hand s of God who knows the best for your life.   Many times we may think that we have the answers to the problems that beset us, when in fact God has something better for us.

Wait on the Lord for His Guidance and Counsel.  Search the Scriptures for therein you will find the Words of Life and the answers to the majority of the questions that comes upon us all such as:  family problems, financial problems, personal problems, business problems and questions relating to our personal relationship with the Lord, in addition to questions about how to have better health and how to start on a program of securing a better way of addressing our health issues.

God’s Word is not silent on these matters, but it does take a decisive action on our part to study the Bible intensely for the words of God that addresses the issues that are facing us.

The Bible says in Matthew 6: 33,34  ” Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then all these things will be added unto you……”        We must first make sure that we are allowing the Word of God to fill us with His many promises and with   His instructions  on how to correct a particular situation or how to avoid a potentially dangerous result from a course of action that we might be deciding on doing.

All of life is a matter of choices-either for what is right and good to do in the sight of the Lord or whether  we are going to yield to making a choice that will dishonor our Lord.

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